AudioPro AceBass 2


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AudioPro AceBass 2

ACE BASS 2 on jotain aivan uutta.

Se on ainutlaatuinen subwoofer jossa on uskomaton suorituskyky ennennäkemättömän pienessä koossa.
Se tuottaa erittäin nopean, tarkan ja jykevän basson, joka todella tekee vaikutuksen.
Valmistajan tavoite on ollut tehdä pienin mahdollisin subwoofer joka täyttää vaativankin hifiharrastajan ja kotiteatterikuuntelijan tarpeet. Tässä on onnistuttu digitaalisen vahvistimen ja 4 pienen mutta voimakkaan 5 1/2″ elementin ja ison 10″ passiivisäteilijän ansiota.

500 W ace-bass vahvistin
Elementit:: 4 x 5 1/2″ sekä 10″ passiivisäteilijä
Toistoalue: 25-100 Hz
Ylipäästosuodin: 100 Hz, 6 dB/octave
Alipäästösuodin: 50-100 Hz, variably 36 dB/octave
Mitat: (Lev. x Kork. x Syv. mm) 350 x (380+10) x (350+21) mm
Väri: Harmaa
Paino: 15,2 Kg


A real pearl
SWEDEN: Hemmabio, no 7

“That a subwoofer can be good at either music or home theater is quite common, but ACE-BASS 2 deals with music galantly, and have no problems in giving film effects a realistic depth and punch and at the same time it follows when the volume increases.

“Audio Pro is, if not the best, at least very good at both home theater and music, which will last a long way. If you then add it’s price and it’s small size it will reach even further. Audio Pro has once again made a real pearl of a subwoofer!”

Other subwoofers in the test: Dynaudio Sub 300, Sony SW-XA900, Tannoy TS10

A bulls eye
SWEDEN: Hifi & Musik, no 6

“This subwoofer is as different as it is unusual, but the four hyper strong 5 1/2″ woofers will perform bass like a 10″. To their aid they have a 10″ passive radiator. The passive radiator is aimed forward, while the powered woofers are placed in pairs on each side of the cabinet.”

“From what we have listened, Audio Pro has managed very well with their vision of making a small subwoofer which plays a tight, rapid and extremely deep bass.”

“This subwoofer is nothing else but a bulls eye. It can be used in all imaginable ways. It will make a good hifi-system even better, it can be used in a home theater system or together with smaller satellites or monitors. Due to its quick response, it will handle all these connections capitally. It has the depth and power to upgrade any large and expensive sound system.”

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